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External TAD (Telephone Answering Device)

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You can connect an external Telephone Answering Device (TAD) to the same line as your machine. When the TAD answers a call, your machine will “listen” for the CNG (fax calling) tones sent by a sending fax machine. If it hears them it will take over the call and receive the fax. If it does not hear them, it will let your TAD take a voice message and the LCD will show [Telephone].

The external TAD must answer within four rings (we recommend setting it to two rings). This is because your machine cannot hear the CNG tones until the external TAD has picked up the call. The sending machine will send CNG tones for only eight to ten seconds longer. We do not recommend using the toll saver feature on your external TAD if it needs more than four rings to activate it.

Unless you are using Distinctive Ring, the TAD must be connected to the EXT. jack of the machine.

  • If you subscribe to your telephone company’s Distinctive Ring service:

    You may connect an external TAD to a separate wall jack only if you subscribe to your telephone company’s Distinctive Ring service, have registered the distinctive ring pattern on your machine, and use that number as a fax number. The recommended setting is at least four rings on the external TAD when you have the telephone company’s Distinctive Ring service. You cannot use the Toll Saver setting.

  • If You Do Not Subscribe to the Distinctive Ring Service:

    You must plug your TAD into the EXT. jack of your machine. If your TAD is plugged into a wall jack, both your machine and the TAD will try to control the telephone line. (See the illustration.)



DO NOT connect a TAD elsewhere on the same telephone line.


If you have problems receiving faxes, reduce the Ring Delay setting on your external TAD.

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