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Register the Distinctive Ring Pattern

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This feature is available only in the USA and Canada.

After you set the Distinctive Ring feature to [On], your Distinctive Ring number will receive faxes automatically. The receive mode is automatically set to [Manual] and you cannot change it to another receive mode while Distinctive Ring is set to [On]. This ensures the Brother machine will only answer the Distinctive Ring number and not interfere when your main telephone number is called.

When Distinctive Ring is on, the LCD displays [D/R] as the Receive Mode.

  1. Press image [Settings]>[All Settings]>[Fax]>[Miscellaneous]>[Distinctive].
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If you have not registered the Distinctive Ring pattern, press [Distinctive], and then press [On].
    • If you have already registered the Distinctive Ring pattern, and want to change the pattern, proceed to Ring Pattern setting.
  3. Press [Ring Pattern].
  4. Press the stored ring pattern you want, and then press [OK].
    You will hear each pattern as you press the four buttons. Make sure you select the pattern that the telephone company gave you.
  5. Press image.
    Distinctive Ring is now set to [On].
    If you do not want to receive faxes on your Distinctive Ring number, you can turn off Distinctive Ring. The machine will stay in [Manual] receive mode so you must set the Receive Mode again.
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