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Fax Options

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To change fax-sending settings, press the [Options] button.
Option Description
Fax Resolution

Set the resolution for outgoing faxes.

The fax quality often can be improved by changing the Fax Resolution.


Adjust the contrast.

If your document is very light or very dark, changing the contrast may improve the fax quality.

2-sided Fax

(For automatic 2-sided scanning models)

Set the 2-sided scanning format.

Glass Scan Size

Adjust the scan area of the scanner glass to the size of the document.


Send the same fax message to more than one fax number at the same time.

Delayed Fax

Set the time of day the delayed faxes will be sent.

Real Time TX

Send a fax immediately without waiting for the machine to retrieve the scan from its memory.

Coverpage Setup

Set the machine to automatically send a pre-programmed cover page.

Overseas Mode

Set to On if you have difficulty sending faxes overseas.

Set New Default

Save your settings as the default.

Factory Reset

Restore all settings back to the factory settings.


You can save the current settings by pressing [Save as Shortcut].

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