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Set up Groups for Broadcasting

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A Group, which can be stored in the Address Book allows you to send the same fax message to many fax numbers.

First, you must store each fax number in the Address Book. Then you can include them as numbers in the Group. Each Group uses up an Address Book number.

Applicable Models

Maximum number of Group

Maximum numbers in a large Group


20 groups

199 numbers

  1. Press image [Fax]>[Address Book].
  2. Do the following steps:
    1. Press [Edit]>[Setup Groups]>[Name].
    2. Enter the Group name (up to 16 characters) using the LCD, and then press [OK].
    3. Press [Add/Delete].
    4. Add Address Book numbers to the Group by pressing them to display a red checkmark, and then press [OK].
    5. Read and confirm the displayed list of names and numbers you have chosen, and then press [OK] to save your Group.
    To store another Group for broadcasting, repeat these steps.
  3. Press image.
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