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If you think there is a problem with your machine, first check each of the items below, then try to identify the problem, and follow our troubleshooting tips.

You can correct most problems yourself. If you need additional help, visit for the latest FAQs and troubleshooting tips:

  1. Click FAQs & Troubleshooting and search for your model name.

First, check the following:

  • The machine's power cord is connected correctly and the machine's power is on.
  • All of the machine's protective parts have been removed.
  • The Jam Clear Cover is fully closed.
  • Paper is inserted correctly in the paper tray.
  • The interface cables are securely connected to the machine and the computer, or the wireless connection is set up on both the machine and your computer.
  • (For network models) The access point (for wireless), router, or hub is turned on and its link indicator is blinking.

If you did not solve the problem with the checks, identify the problem by checking the LED patterns and indications, and then see Related Information.

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