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Acceptable Paper and Other Print Media

The print quality can be affected by the type of paper you use in the machine.

To get the best print quality for the settings you have selected, always set the Paper Type to match the type of paper you load.

You can use plain paper, inkjet paper (coated paper), glossy paper, recycled paper, and envelopes.

We recommend testing various paper types before buying large quantities.

For best results, use Brother paper.

  • When you print on inkjet paper (coated paper) and glossy paper, be sure to select the correct print media in the printer driver or in the application you use to print.

  • When you print on photo paper, load one extra sheet of the same photo paper in the paper tray.

  • When using photo paper, remove each sheet at once to prevent smudging or paper jams.

  • Avoid touching the printed surface of the paper immediately after printing; the surface may not be completely dry and may stain your fingers.

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