Copy Settings

You can configure the copy settings in the Copy screen.
Option Description
Copies Enter the number of copies (1-99).
Colour / Mono Colour Makes copies in full colour.
Mono Makes copies in monochrome.





Select an option to enlarge or reduce the size of the pages in your document.

Fit to Page

Adjusts the copy size to fit on the paper size you have set.


Enter an enlargement or reduction ratio.


Increase the density to make the text darker.

Decrease the density to make the text lighter.

Paper Size

Select a paper size.

If copying on paper other than A4 size, you must change the Paper Size setting.

Page Layout

Make N in 1, 2 in 1 ID, or Poster copies.

4 in1

4 in1




Select the Copy resolution for your type of document.

Paper Type

Select a paper type.

If copying on special paper, set the machine for the type of paper you are using to get the best print quality.

Remove Color Background or Remove Black Background

Removes the document's background colour in copies. The white becomes more apparent. This saves some ink and may make certain copies easier to read.

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