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Pack and Ship Your Brother Machine

  • When you transport the machine, use the packing materials that came with your machine. Do not tip or turn the product upside down. If you do not pack the machine correctly, any damage that may occur in transit may not be covered by your warranty.
  • The machine should be adequately insured with the carrier.
It is important to allow the machine to “park” the print head after a print job. Listen carefully to the machine before unplugging it to make sure that all mechanical noises have stopped. Not allowing the machine to finish this parking process may lead to print problems and possible damage to the print head.
  1. Unplug the machine from the electrical socket.
  2. Lift the document cover.
  3. Unplug the interface cable from the machine, if it is connected.
  4. Close the document cover.
  5. Open the ink tank cover.
  6. Make sure the ink tank caps are installed correctly.

    Push down on the ink tank caps to secure them tightly and then close the ink tank cover.

  7. Wrap the machine in the bag.
  8. Pack the machine in the original carton with the original packing material as shown below.

    Do not pack the used ink bottles in the carton.

  9. Close the carton and tape it shut.
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