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Monitor Machine Status Using Brother iPrint&Scan (Windows/Mac)

Brother iPrint&Scan allows you to monitor your Brother machine's status.
  1. Start Brother iPrint&Scan.
    • Windows

      Launch image(Brother iPrint&Scan).

    • Mac

      In the Finder menu bar, click Go>Applications, and then double-click the iPrint&Scan icon.

    The Brother iPrint&Scan screen appears.
  2. If your Brother machine is not selected, click the Select your Machine button, and then select your model name from the list. Click OK.
    Status icons
    Icon Description
    A green icon indicates the normal stand-by condition.
    A yellow icon indicates a warning.
    A red icon indicates an error has occurred.
    A grey icon indicates the machine is offline.
    • The actual screen may differ depending on the version of the application.
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