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Clean the Print Head Using Web Based Management

To maintain good print quality, the machine automatically cleans the print head when needed. If there is a print quality problem, start the cleaning process manually.
  1. Start Brother iPrint&Scan.
    • Windows

      Launch image(Brother iPrint&Scan).

    • Mac

      In the Finder menu bar, click Go>Applications, and then double-click the iPrint&Scan icon.

    The Brother iPrint&Scan screen appears.
  2. If your Brother machine is not selected, click the Select your Machine button, and then select your model name from the list. Click OK.
  3. Click image(Machine Settings) to configure the settings.
  4. If required, type the password in the Login field, and then click Login.
    The default password to manage this machine’s settings is located on the back of the machine and marked "Pwd".
  5. Go to the navigation menu, and then click General>Print Head Cleaning.
    Start from image, if the navigation menu is not shown on the left side of the screen.
  6. Select the Normal, Strong, or Strongest option for the cleaning strength you want. The Special option uses the most power in cleaning the print heads, but also consumes the most ink.
  7. Click Start.
    • The Special option requires a large amount of ink to clean the print head. Refill all ink tank levels to more than half before starting the print head cleaning.
    • Use the Special option only if you previously used the Strongest option and the print quality did not improve.
    • If you start the cleaning with low ink amount, it may cause damage to the machine. Check each ink tank level before starting the cleaning and refill each ink tank as necessary.
  8. Click Yes.
    The machine starts cleaning.
(Windows) You can also clean the print head using the printer driver.
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