TWAIN Driver Settings (Windows)

Note that the item names and assignable values will vary depending on the machine.
  1. Scan
    Select the Photo or Document option depending on the type of document you want to scan.
    Scan (Image Type) Resolution Scan Type
    Photo Use for scanning photo images. 300 x 300 dpi 24bit Colour
    Document Use for scanning text documents. 300 x 300 dpi 24bit Colour
  2. Resolution
    Select a scanning resolution from the Resolution drop-down list. Higher resolutions take more memory and transfer time, but produce a finer scanned image.
  3. Scan Type
    Select from a range of scan colour depths.
    • Black & White
      Use for text or line art images.
    • Grey (Error Diffusion)
      Use for photographic images or graphics. (Error Diffusion is a method for creating simulated grey images without using true grey dots. Black dots are put in a specific pattern to give a grey appearance.)
    • True Grey
      Use for photographic images or graphics. This mode is more accurate because it uses up to 256 shades of grey.
    • 24bit Colour
      Use to create an image with the most accurate colour reproduction. This mode uses up to 16.8 million colours to scan the image, but it requires the most memory and has the longest transfer time.
  4. Document Size
    Select the exact size of your document from a selection of preset scan sizes.

    If you select Custom, the Custom Document Size dialog box appears and you can specify the document size.

  5. Auto Crop
    Scan multiple documents placed on the scanner glass. The machine will scan each document and create separate files or a single multi-page file.
  6. Advanced Settings
    Configure advanced settings by clicking the Advanced Settings link in the Scanner Setup dialog box.
    • Document Correction
      • Rotate Image

        Rotate the scanned image.

      • Edge Fill

        Fill in the edges on four sides of the scanned image using the selected colour and range.

    • Image Quality
      • Diffusion Adjustment -Grey

        Adjust the diffusion when selecting the Grey (Error Diffusion) option from the Scan Type drop-down list.

      • Colour Tone Adjustment

        Adjust the colour tone

      • Background Processing
        • Remove Bleed-through / Pattern

          Prevent bleed-through.

        • Remove Background Colour

          Remove the base colour of documents to make the scanned data more legible.

      • Colour Drop

        Select a colour to remove from the scanned image.

      • Edge Emphasis

        Sharpen the characters in the original.

      • Reduce Noise

        Improve and enhance the quality of your scanned images with this selection. The Reduce Noise option is available when selecting the 24bit Colour option and the 300 x 300 dpi, 400 x 400 dpi, or 600 x 600 dpi scan resolution.

    • B&W Image Quality
      • B&W Threshold Adjustment

        Adjust the threshold to generate a monochrome image.

      • Character Correction

        Correct the broken or incomplete characters of the original to make them easier to read.

      • B&W Inversion

        Invert black and white in the monochrome image.

    • Feed Control
      • Continuous Scan

        Select this option to scan multiple pages. After a page is scanned, select whether to continue scanning or finish.

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