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Configure Personal Home Screen Settings Using Web Based Management

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As Administrator, you can specify which tabs users can view on their personal home screens. These tabs provide quick access to users' favourite shortcuts, which they can assign to their personal home screen tabs from the machine's control panel.
  1. Start your web browser.
  2. Type "https://machine's IP address" in your browser's address bar (where "machine's IP address" is the machine's IP address).
    For example:

  3. If required, type the password in the Login field, and then click Login.
    The default password to manage this machine’s settings is located on the back of the machine and marked "Pwd".
  4. Go to the navigation menu, and then click Administrator>Restriction Management.
    Start from image, if the navigation menu is not shown on the left side of the screen.
  5. In the User Restriction Function field, select Secure Function Lock.
  6. In the Tab Settings field, select Personal for the tab names you want to use as your personal home screen.
  7. When finished, click Submit.
  8. Click the Restricted Functions menu.
  9. In the User List / Restricted Functions field, type a group name or user name.
  10. Click Submit.
  11. Click the User List menu.
  12. In the User List field, type the user name.
  13. In the PIN Number field, type a password for this user to access the personal home screen you just configured.
    The number of characters required for the password may differ, depending on your model.
  14. Select User List / Restricted Functions from the drop-down list for each user.
  15. Select the tab name from the Home Screen drop-down list for each user.
  16. Click Submit.
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