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Replace the Roller Kit

Your machine is equipped with a scan counter that automatically counts how many times the machine has scanned. After approximately 100,000 scans, you may need to replace the Roller Kit.

After replacing the rollers, reset the Usage Counter so that the machine starts counting from 0.


Lower Pick Up Roller


Upper Pick Up Roller


Brake Roller

  1. Remove the ADF.
  2. Press the release tab to open the Front Cover.
  3. Press the right side of the Pick Up Roller Cover towards the left and pull it down.
  4. Remove both Pick Up Rollers.
  5. Fit the new Lower Pick Up Roller into the opening, and then slide it to the left onto the shaft.
  6. Fit the new Upper Pick Up Roller into the opening, and then slide it to the left onto the shaft.
  7. Close the Pick Up Roller Cover.
  8. Turn the machine around, as shown.
    Some areas of the machine can cause injury if the Front Cover (shaded area shown) is closed with force. Be careful when placing your hand in or near the shaded area.
  9. Press the upper left side of the Brake Roller Cover downwards and pull it down.
  10. Hold the Brake Roller shaft and pull it towards you, and then remove the Brake Roller by pulling it out and to the right.
  11. Thread the new Brake Roller onto the shaft, and then insert the Brake Roller into the machine.
  12. Close the Brake Roller Cover.
  13. Close the Front Cover and turn the machine to face forwards.
  14. Attach the ADF firmly until it locks into place.
  15. Reset the Roller Counter:
    • ADS-3100/ADS-4100
      1. Do one of the following:
        • Windows

          Launch image (Brother Utilities), and then click the drop-down list and select your model name (if not already selected). Click Tools in the left navigation bar, and then click Remote Setup.

        • Mac

          In the Finder menu bar, click Go>Applications>Brother, select your model name, and then double-click the Brother Remote Setup icon.

          If the Discover Devices dialog box appears, select your model name and then click Connect.
      2. Click Machine Info in the left navigation pane.
      3. Go to the Remaining Life section, click the Reset button to reset the Pick Up Roller counter.
      4. Click OK to close the Remote Setup window.
    • ADS-3300W/ADS-4500W
      1. Press image [Settings]>[Machine Info.]>[Usage Counters].
      2. Press [Roller Count].
      3. When the LCD displays a confirmation message, press [Yes].
      4. Press image.
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