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Unacceptable Documents

The following types of documents may not be scanned successfully:
  • Documents with a carbon sheet attached
  • Documents written in pencil
  • Documents of uneven thickness, such as envelopes
  • Documents with large wrinkles or curls
  • Documents that use tracing paper
  • Documents that use coated paper
  • Photographs (photographic paper)
  • Documents printed on perforated paper
  • Documents printed on unusually-shaped paper (not square or rectangle)
  • Documents with photos, notes, or stickers affixed to them
  • Documents that use loose-leaf paper or any paper with holes in it
  • Documents with paper clips or staples
  • Documents with wet ink
  • Fabrics, metallic sheets, or overhead projector sheets
  • Glossy or mirrored media
  • Documents that exceed recommended thicknesses
  • The surface of the document may be damaged when scanning glossy papers such as photographs.
  • The damage caused by using any unacceptable documents with your Brother machine may not be covered under warranty.
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