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Label Printer Solutions with Brother P-touch Editor (Label Design Software)

This powerful label design software allows users to create a wide variety of professional looking custom labels. The software makes it easy to use and design customized labels. P-touch Editor is provided with all Brother label printers. The benefits of using this software include:

  • Convenient built-in templates to design labels in a variety of built-in predefined sizes or to determine your own label size.
  • Easy to incorporate graphics, logos, fonts, barcodes and other files found on the users PC.
  • Flexible printing quantity -- print one, a few or hundreds on demand easily.

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Standalone Solution using a Brother Professional Label Printer with a Barcode Reader

You can print labels using a barcode scanner and a label printer. This solution allows you to:

  • Print without the need for a computer
  • Copy barcodes whilst replacing the text

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Label Printer Solutions with Brother Software Development Kits (b-PAC SDK)

The Brother Software Development Kit (b-PAC SDK) is a software tool for Microsoft Windows that allows customized labels to be printed from within your own applications. b-PAC is available for brother professional label printer.
Although knowledge of popular programming languages (such as Microsoft Visual Basic or Visual C++) is essential in order to use this software, only a few simple lines of code are necessary to control b-PAC and print your labels.

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Distributed Printing Solution using Brother Professional Label Printer

If you are printing a large number of labels, you can distribute the print job between multiple printers.
The number of labels will be split between the chosen printers, therefore reducing the total print time.

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Print labels easily with P-touch Template tool of Brother Professional Label Printer

P-touch Template is a tool to transfer ASCII text & binary data from a host device to template stored in the machine. This transferred data can be inserted into a text object or barcode object in a transferred template.
Transferred template data is created by P-touch Editor. This means there is no need to program label template layouts.
Therefore P-touch templates can save you time of programming compared with ESC/P.
You can easily change the template layout with P-touch Editor. (No need to change the command).
In addition it is possible to add various functions (copy, numbering and database-linked printing).

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Brother PocketJet - JPEG printing - Print anywhere, anytime

It's easy to print anywhere using the Brother PocketJet and your mobile device. There's no need to develop a customized application.
(Bluetooth® BIP or OPP profile supported mobile devices and PJ-662/663 only.)

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Mobile Internet Fax - "Scan to E-mail" & PJ-663

How many minutes does it take to create the printing application by Brother Print SDK [Android™]?

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Brother Print SDK [Android™]-Programing within few minutes

Mobile Printer solution

  1. 1. Scan the document at office.
  2. 2. Sent the scanned data to the sales staff mobile phone by e-mail.
  3. 3. Print the document by PJ printer from mobile phone.

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Brother Android™ SDK - Easy to use SDK

Brother Print SDK [Android™] is easy to use SDK. You can create your own applications with very little programming.

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