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Example of Creating Template Files with P-touch Editor

Create a Template File (Label Layout File)

  1. 1. Start P-touch Editor included in the label printer or downloaded from our support website.
    (The latest P-touch Editor is available from our support website.)

  2. 2. In Insert > Table, create a table with 3 rows and 2 columns. Enter an item name in the left column cells.
    To display text always on a single line in the cells, select Fixed Frame Size in Specifies how text is displayed. You can choose text settings such as the font type, font size, text decoration and right and center alignment.
    Create a Template File (Label Layout File)
  3. 3. Enter any text in the right column cells where text changes by printing, so that a text object is made. To set an object name for the cells, select the Shows the Extended Properties tab at the right end of the screen, and with the text object selected, specify any object name in the Object Name column (here, specified as Name).
    Create a Template File (Label Layout File)
  4. 4. Similarly, create a text object for Department and No. and specify an object name. (Here, the object name is specified respectively as Department and Number.)
    Create a Template File (Label Layout File)
  5. 5. In Insert > Bar Code, create a barcode object (here, a QR code is selected and the object is created with any data) and specify an object name (here, specified as QR code 1).
    Create a Template File (Label Layout File)
  6. 6. In File > Save as, save the template with a file name "asset.lbx".


To change the tape length according to the amount of text to be printed, refer to "Is it possible to make the printed label size changeable depending on the text length?" in FAQ.



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