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Date: 23/09/2008 ID: faq00002048_008

My Brother machine has no power. What can I do?

If your Brother machine does not appear to have power, please check the following:
  1. Is the machine off?
    Press the power switch to turn the machine on.
  2. Is the power cord loose or disconnected?
    Turn the machine off, connect the AC power cord properly and then turn the machine back on.
  3. Is the machine connected to a correctly rated AC outlet?
    Connect the machine to an AC power outlet that you know works and is within the range indicated on the rating label. Do not connect any other equipment to the outlet. Do not connect the machine to an auxiliary power outlet on the back of a computer. If in any doubt, call a qualified electrician.

If this issue cannot be resolved initially, it may be because the machine is in safety mode; safety mode is when the voltage to the machine has been higher than stated on the rating plate causing it to shut down.

Turn off the machine and disconnect the AC power cord. Wait for at least 5 minutes before connecting the AC power cord and turning the machine back on.

(If the AC power cord is connected to soon - less than 5 minutes, then the machine may never recover from safety mode.  Try doing the above one more time if there is still no power to the machine.)


If you still cannot resolve the issue, please contact Brother support.

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If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service:

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