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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

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Tutorial videos on how to use the machine [Video instructions]

Tutorial videos for basic operations, various functions and maintenance.

Click on the image to play the video instructions.

* The movies are being streamed from YouTube. (Opening new window.)

* The movies are the same as those built into the product.

Basic Operation Embroidery Function My Design Center

1. Basic Operation

Basic Operation 01

Installing the bobbin into the machine

Basic Operation 02

Selecting an embroidery pattern

Basic Operation 03_ABasic Operation 03_B

Editing an embroidery pattern



The key design will vary depending on the display language on the machine.


Basic Operation 04

Aligning the embroidering position using the built-in camera and the embroidery positioning sticker

Basic Operation 05

Hooping the fabric in the embroidery frame and attaching the embroidery frame to the machine

Basic Operation 06

Checking the embroidery area

Basic Operation 07

Threading the upper thread

Basic Operation 08

Replacing the needle

Basic Operation 09

Using the Cap Frame (PRCF5 / PRCF5AP) (130 × 60 mm / 5 × 2-3/8 inches)

Preparing to use the cap frame and Attaching the cap frame.

Basic Operation 10

Using the Cap Frame (PRCF3) (130 × 60 mm / 5 × 2-3/8 inches)

Preparing to use the cap frame and Attaching the cap frame.

Basic Operation 11

Using the Cap Frame (PRPCF1) (360 × 60 mm / 14 × 2-3/8 inches)

Preparing to use the cap frame and Attaching the cap frame.

Basic Operation 12

Using the Magnetic Sash Frame




2. Embroidery Function

Embroidery Function 01

Aligning the embroidering position with live camera positioning

Embroidery Function 02

Selecting & Editing the alphabet patterns

Embroidery Function 03

Selecting & Grouping multiple patterns

Embroidery Function 04

Forward / Backward stitch navigation

Embroidery Function 05

Using the thread color sorting function to optimize the embroidery color order

Embroidery Function 06

Specifying the pause locations where you wish to stop the machine

Embroidery Function 07

Assigning a specific thread color & sewing speed limitation to a certain needle bar manually (Reserved needle bar settings)

Embroidery Function 08

Changing the colors of the embroidery pattern

Embroidery Function 09

Aligning the embroidery position while displaying the fabric as a background image for the pattern




3. Maintenance

Maintenance 01

Oiling the machine

Maintenance 02

Cleaning the hook and the area around the needle plate




4. Settings

Settings 01

Updating the machine's software

Settings 02

Setting the Wireless Network




5. My Design Center

My Design Center 01

Creating a pattern from the line drawings with Line Scan function

My Design Center 02

Creating a pattern from color illustrations with Illustration Scan function

My Design Center 03

Activating My Design Center with the scanning frame

My Design Center 04

Creating a stippling design around the embroidery pattern with saved stamp shape




6. App

App 01

My Stitch Monitor (Mobile App)


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