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Innov-is BP3600

FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Innov-is BP3600

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Date: 11/06/2021 ID: faqh00101095_001

Upper thread breaks.


  • Machine is not threaded correctly.
    (used the wrong spool cap, spool cap is loose, the thread did not catch the needle bar threader, etc.)

    Rethread the machine correctly.
    Refer to How do I thread my machine ?

  • Knotted or tangled thread is being used.

    Remove any knots or tangles.


  • Upper thread tension is too tight.

    Adjust the thread tension.
    Refer to How do I adjust thread tension for embroidering?

  • Thread is twisted.

    Use scissors, etc., to cut the twisted thread and remove it from the race, etc.


  • Needle is turned, bent or the point is dull.

    Replace the needle.
    Refer to How do I change the needle ?


  • Needle is installed incorrectly.

    Reinstall the needle correctly.
    Refer to How do I change the needle ?

  • There are scratches around the opening in the embroidery foot.

    Replace the embroidery foot, or consult your authorized Brother dealer.

  • There are scratches on the bobbin case.

    Replace the bobbin case, or consult your authorized Brother dealer.

  • Using improper needle, thread or the fabric prepared insufficiently for embroidering.

    Use a ball point needle 75/11 for embroidery.
    Use embroidery thread and embroidery bobbin thread.
    Attach a stabilizer material for embroidery to the fabric.

  • While sewing, the thread became knotted or tangled.

    Rethread upper and lower thread.
    Refer to How do I wind the bobbin? , How do I thread my machine ?

  • A bobbin designed specifically for this machine is not used.

    Incorrect bobbins will not work properly.
    Use only the included bobbin or bobbins of the same type.

  • Thread is weak, dry rotted, or of poor quality.

    Try sewing with different thread of good quality.


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Innov-is BP3600

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