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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

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What kinds of software are available for this printer?

The software below are available for your printer:


 For computers (Windows only)

 For mobile devices

For computers (Windows only)

To use the printer with your computer, you must install the printer driver.

Software Features
Printer driver
Printer Setting Tool Communication Settings Allows you to specify the printer’s communication settings and device settings from the computer.

Device Settings

P-touch Template Setting Tool

Allows you to configure the P-touch template settings.
P-touch Template provides functions for inserting data from a device (such as a barcode reader connected to the printer) into text and barcode objects in layouts saved on the printer, useful for printing templates and barcodes.
Paper Size Setup Allows you to add the paper sizes not available in the [Paper Size] list of the printer driver.
P-touch Editor


Allows you to design custom documents, store templates, connect to databases, and use a large library of labels and tags.
P-touch Transfer Manager Allows you to transfer files created with P-touch Editor to a printer and store the files in the printer's memory. You can print them from the printer's memory without connecting to your computer.
P-touch Library Allows you to manage and print P-touch Editor templates.
P-touch Transfer Express Allows you to transfer documents to the printer.
P-touch Update Software


Allows you to update the firmware and software.
Font Manager


Allows you to transfer fonts to the printer and delete fonts from the printer.
Transferred fonts can be accessed and printed using various print commands.
• About font usage permission
When using fonts, you must abide by all terms and conditions set forth by each rightful font owner. Before downloading fonts, you must confirm that you have legitimate licences to use the fonts and comply with their terms and conditions; otherwise you may not download fonts.



For mobile devices

Software Features
Mobile Transfer Express Mobile Transfer Express is software that allows you to use a mobile device to transfer files (templates, databases and images) which were prepared using P-touch Transfer Manager (Windows version) to a printer.
Print Service Plugin (Android™) Print Service Plugin allows you to print from an Android™ device without installing additional software.
Mobile Deploy Mobile Deploy is software that allows simple and easy printer updates and configuration in the field using a mobile device. Printer updates can be prepared by an administrator and deployed to multiple users. Users can then apply them to their printers.


A software development kit (SDK) is also available.
Visit the Information for Developers site.

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