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Date: 07/06/2020 ID: faqp00100051_002

What kinds of software are available for this printer?

The applications below are available for this printer.

Application Function
Printer Setting Tool
(P-touch Template Tool)
Use this tool to configure P-touch Template settings. P-touch Template allows you to insert data from a device (such as a barcode scanner connected to your printer) into a text object or barcode object of a layout saved in the printer. The tool helps you print templates and barcodes.
P-touch Editor Allows you to design special documents, save templates, connect to databases, and access a large library of labels and tags.
P-touch Transfer Manager Allows you to transfer files created with P-touch Editor to a printer and store the files in the printer's memory. You can print them from the printer's memory without connecting to your computer.
P-touch Library Allows you to use your computer to manage P-touch Template and other data.
You can use P-touch Library to print templates.
P-touch Transfer Express Allows you to transfer documents to the printer easily.

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