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Date: 03/22/2007 ID: faq00002076_001

I am using Scan to Email (E-mail server) function to send a scanned document directly to an E-mail address.
Since our provider requires an authentication for the SMTP server, I am not able to use this function anymore. Why?

Your Brother machine does not support authentication for the SMTP mail server.  If your provider requires an authentication, you can not use this function.
Instead of using Scan to E-mail (E-mail server), you can use Scan to E-mail via PC following the instructions below:

  1. Put the document face up in the ADF, or face down on the scanner glass.
  2. Press Scan button.
  3. Press Up or Down arrow keys to choose Scan to E-mail. Press Set or Menu/Set.
  4. Press Up or Down arrow keys to choose PC. Press Set or Menu/Set.
  5. Press Up or Down arrow keys to choose the destination PC you want to use for E-mailing your document. Press Set or Menu/Set.
    If the LCD prompts you to enter a PIN number, enter the 4-digit PIN number for the destination PC on the control panel. Press Set or Menu/Set.
    The machine starts the scanning process.


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