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Date: 01/27/2014 ID: faq00000021_002

How do I replace the fuser unit?



The fusing unit and the parts around it are hot! Be sure to wait until the fusing unit has cooled down sufficiently before replacing the fusing unit. If you touch the hot parts, you might get injured.


  1. Turn off the machine's power switch. To avoid injury, wait until the machine has cooled down sufficiently before you replace the fusing unit.


  2. Open the back cover (1) and the scanner unit (2) of the machine.

  3. To release the fusing unit from the machine, release the lock levers that are on both sides of the fusing unit.

  4. Hold the handles on both sides as you take the fusing unit out of the machine.

  5. Put the new fusing unit into the machine. Be sure to insert the fusing unit completely into the machine.

  6. Secure the fusing unit with the two lock levers that are on both sides of thefusing unit.

  7. Move the fusing unit pressure release levers to the Set position.

  8. Close the scanner unit and the back cover.


  9. Turn the machine's power switch back on.


  10. Press the Menu/Set key.


  11. Press the up or down navigation key to select Machine Info. and press Menu/Set.


  12. Press the up or down navigation key to select Reset Menu and press Menu/Set.


  13. Press the up or down navigation key to select Fusing Unit and press Menu/Set. The confirmation message appears on the LCD.


  14. Press 1 to reset the life counter.



Please be careful when replacing the fusing unit. Do not put pressure on the fusing unit; it should go in easily. If it does not, make sure the fusing unit connector is free to move.
Do not apply force! It could damage both the fusing unit and the machine.


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