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Date: 04/10/2020 ID: faqp00010578_000

How do I charge the battery?

Charge the battery as described below:

  1. Plug the AC adapter connector into the printer.
    Use the AC adapter designed specifically for this printer.
  2. Plug the AC adapter plug into an AC power outlet.
    Charging of the Li-ion battery automatically begins.

    The charging indicator light lights up in orange.
    When charging is finished, the charging indicator light goes off.
    • It takes approximately three hours for the battery to recharge from a completely empty state to a fully charged state (with the printer turned off).
    • Charge the battery in a cool location (a temperature of 10 °C - 30 °C / 50 °F - 86 °F is recommended).
  3. After charging is finished, disconnect the AC adapter.
  • When the AC adapter is left connected, the battery deteriorates, significantly affecting the service life of the battery.
  • When the battery cannot be charged, printing is not possible even if the AC adapter is connected.

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