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Date: 07/28/2022 ID: faq00100468_006

Update the Driver or Firmware for your Brother machine

Brother regularly improves the functions of our products. Brother recommends that you always update the Driver and Firmware to the latest version.


Update the Driver (Windows only)

  1. Uninstall the Brother Drivers and Software.
    > Click here to see how to uninstall the Brother Drivers and Software.
  2. Go to the Downloads section of this website and download the Full Driver & Software Package. The installation instructions are available on the download page.
    > Click here to download the Full Driver & Software Package in the Downloads section.


Update the Firmware

To update the firmware, your computer must have access to the internet.

The machine prompts you for a password.
> Click here to see what the default password is.


Update the firmware using the Brother machine's control panel.
  1. Press Settings(Settings) > All Settings > Machine Info. or Machine Information > Firmware Update.

    If your machine displays the All Settings menu on the Home screen, skip the Settings menu.

  2. Press Home(Home).


Update the firmware using the Firmware Update Tool.

Before you update your Brother machine's firmware, make sure you have installed the Full Driver & Software Package on your computer. For more information, see Update the Driver.


Make sure the Brother machine and your Mac are connected either with a USB cable or to the same network.

  1. Download the Firmware Update Tool and see more information in the Downloads section to update the firmware.
    > Click here to download the Firmware Update Tool in the Downloads section.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to update the firmware.


Update the Firmware using a mobile device (Network models only)

You can update your machine's firmware using the Brother Mobile Connect app installed on your Android or iOS mobile device.

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