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Date: 07/24/2006 ID: faq00000256_004

I'm using Mac OS® 9.1-9.2. How can I uninstall the drivers?

If you are installing the driver for multiple Brother machines, you have to uninstall all drivers of all Brother machines once and then install the necessary driver.

In order to completely uninstall the Brother driver package the following files should be removed from the Extensions Folder.

The Extensions folder is located in the System Folder on the Hard Drive:

  • TWAIN Source Manager
  • Brother Composite Driver C
  • Brother Interface Driver C
  • BR_PrintMonitor(lpr)
  • Brother Laser
  • Brother Laser(IP)
  • USBPrintDriver(BRXXX)


  • There may be several of the USB Print Driver(BRXXX) and BR_PrintMonitor(BXX) extensions with different endings.
  • The 'x' refer to the model of your machine.


The following files should be removed from the Preferences folder.
The Preferences Folder is located in the System Folder on the Hard Drive.

  • brmfgray.bin


The following file should be removed from the TWAIN Data Sources folder. The TWAIN Data Sources folder is located  in the System Folder/Extensions folder on the Hard Drive.

  • Brother TWAIN


Drag all these files to the trash and then restart the Mac.
Once the computer has restarted you can then dump the trash. Once removed you can run the installation of the updated driver package that should be downloaded from the Brother Solutions Center. Then restart the Mac. On restart printing and scanning should now be possible.

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If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service:

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