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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Date: 02/20/2019 ID: faqp00000422_006

Labels are jammed in the machine or are not ejected correctly after printing.

How to remove a label jam:


  1. Make sure that the printer is turned off and disconnect the AC adapter.
  2. Open the RD Roll Compartment Cover.
  3. Remove any jammed labels.

    Do not touch the cutter. Personal injury could result.


How to prevent a label jam:

  • If a label causes the machine to jam due to adhesive residue attached to the label outlet, clean the label outlet with a cloth.
    Use a slightly damp cloth if it is difficult to remove adhesive.

  • Check if there is dirt or lint on the roller preventing it from rolling freely.
    Clean the roller if there is any dirt or lint on it.
    For details, see <Roller maintenance> in the FAQ: "How do I clean my printer?".

  • Check that the label output slot is not blocked.

  • Check that the RD Roll is installed correctly. If not, remove the RD roll and reinstall it.
    For details, see the FAQ: "How do I install/change the RD roll?".

  • Check that the RD Roll Compartment Cover is closed correctly.

  • Check that the label is not damp.
    Do not expose the RD Roll to high humidity.

  • Do not use the label that has been once peeled off by sticking it to the release paper.
    It may peel off and get stuck in the printer.

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