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Date: 12/27/2006 ID: faq00000311_018

What kind of paper can I use?

The printer loads paper from the installed paper tray, or the multi-purpose tray.
The names for the paper trays in the printer driver are as follows:


 Paper tray  Tray 1
 Multi-purpose tray  MP Tray

Media Type:

 Media Type  Tray 1  MP Tray  Choose the media type from the printer Driver
 Plain Paper  Yes  Yes  "Plain Paper"
 Recycled Paper  Yes  Yes  "Recycled Paper"
 Bond Paper      Yes*1  "Bond Paper"
 Thin Paper  Yes  Yes  "Thin Paper"
 Thick Paper    Yes  "Thick Paper" or "Thicker Paper"
 Labels    Yes *2  "Label"
 Envelopes    Yes  "Envelopes"



*1) 60 g/m2 to 161 g/m2 (16 to 43 lb)
*2) A4 or Letter 

Paper weight;

Plain Paper: 75 g/m2 to 105 g/m2 (20 to 28 lb)
Bond Paper: Rough Paper- 60 g/m2 to 163 g/m2 (16 to 43 lb)
Think Paper: 60 g/m2 to 75 g/m2 (16 to 20 lb)
Thick Paper: 105 g/m2 to 163 g/m2 (28 to 43 lb)

Media Size and Number of sheets:

   Tray 1  MP Tray
 Paper Size  A4
 B5 (ISO)
 B6 (ISO)
 Post Card
Width: 69.9 to 215.9 mm  (2.75 to 8.5 in.)

Length: 116 to 406.4 mm (4.57 to 16 in.)
 Number of sheets  250 sheets
(80 g/m2 / 20 lb)
 50 sheets
(80 g/m2 / 20 lb)



Legal size paper is not available in some regions outside the USA and Canada.

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