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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Date: 02/02/2024 ID: faqh00101625_000

How to connect your machine and transfer data to Artspira

  1. Login to the app.
  2. Select img01 in the home screen to register the machine.
  3. It depends on the type of machine.
    [Registering an embroidery machine]
    Select [Embroidery Machine], and then follow the instructions that appear in the app to register the embroidery machine with the app.

    [Registering a cutting machine]
    Select [Cutting Machine], and then follow the instructions that appear in the app to register the cutting machine with the app.

    When registration is finished, data can be transferred to the machine from the app.

  4. Select a pattern from the home screen, or from your favorite category, to be transferred. If needed, edit the pattern before transferring.
  5. After editing is finished, tap [Transfer] to transfer the data to the server.
    • Data transferred to the server will be deleted after a certain period of time has passed.
    • Data for only one pattern at a time can be transferred. If data has already been transferred to the server, it will be overwritten. If a single project contains multiple data, use the machine to retrieve the previously transferred data before transferring the next one.


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