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Date: 12/14/2018 ID: faqh00101303_000

Can the cutting machine make half cuts/kiss cuts?


When the Half Cut is set to ON, the cutting machine automatically adjusts the blade extension for making half cuts. This means the machine measures the thickness of the material from the top of the mat to the top of the material and divides it by 2. If your backing/release paper and material are not the same thickness this may result in improper cuts. Adjust the cut pressure as needed. For details on Half Cut, refer to Half Cut (Kiss Cut) Settings. The cutting machine may not be able to make half cuts in some materials. In that case, adjust the Cut Pressure (Half Cut) setting.




To adjust the Cut Pressure (Half Cut) setting, touch image in the home screen, and then adjust the setting for Cut Pressure (Half Cut).
image image image




Otherwise, touch image in the test screen, and then adjust the setting for Cut Pressure in the settings screen.
image image image




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