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PR680W / PR680WC

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FAQs & Troubleshooting

PR680W / PR680WC

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Date: 07/31/2017 ID: faqh00000598_003

Maintenance (Cleaning the thread paths of the upper threads)

If dust or lint has accumulated in the thread guides or tension unit in the paths of the upper threads, the thread may break while embroidery is being sewn. Periodically clean the thread paths


Cleaning the thread guides


  1. Use the included cleaning brush to remove any lint and dust from below the thread guide plates.
    Clean the thread guide plates for both the upper thread guides and the middle thread guides.

    (1) Upper thread guide

    (2) Middle thread guide

    img02 (3) Thread guide plate





Disassembling and cleaning the tension unit


  1. To remove tension dial, turn dial counterclockwise as shown on illustration.
    img03 (1) Tension dial

  2. Using the included cleaning brush, remove any lint and dust from the two pieces of felt washers (top, bottom) inside the tension dial.

    (1) Tension dial

    (2) Nylon shoulder washer

    (3) Nylon washer only for tension number 4

    (4) Tension spring

    (5) Tension base spring

    (6) Felt washer (top)

    (7) Tension disc

    (8) Felt washer (bottom)

  3. Reassembling the tension unit.
    • When reassembling the tension unit, be sure not to install the tension disc upside-down. There is a magnet on the bottom.
           Bottom Top  
      img05 img06 (1) Magnet

    • When reassembling the tension unit, only tension number 4 has one more part than the other tension units.

      (1) Felt washer (bottom)

      (2) Tension disc
      (magnet on the bottom)

      (3) Felt washer (top)

      (4) Tension base spring

      (5) Tension spring

      (6) Nylon washer
      (only for tension number 4)

      (7) Nylon shoulder washer

      (8) Tension dial

    • When reassembling the tension unit, be careful not to lose any parts or install any parts in an incorrect order. The machine may not operate correctly if the tension units are incorrectly reassembled.




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