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FAQs & Troubleshooting

Date: 08/22/2016 ID: faqh00100448_001

Embroidery pattern does not sew out correctly.

There could be several reasons why the embroidery pattern does not sew correctly.
Check the following points or issues.


  • The thread is tangled.
    Use tweezers to remove any tangled thread from the hook.
  • The fabric is not secured in the embroidery frame (for example, thefabric is not taut).
    If the fabric is not taut, the pattern may become misaligned or the stitching may shrink. Be sure to correctly frame the fabric in the embroidery frame.


  • The embroidery frame is too large for the size of the embroidery.
    Use an embroidery frame that is close to the size of the embroidery.

  • The thumbscrews on the embroidery frame holder are loose.
    Use the included disc-shaped screwdriver to firmly tighten the thumbscrews.

  • Stabilizer (backing) is not used.
    Use stabilizer (backing) when embroidering on thin or stretch fabrics, fabrics with a coarse weave or fabrics that easily allow the stitching to shrink.
    [ When using the optional cap frame ]
    Use heavyweight stabilizer when embroidering on a cap made of soft material.

    For details, see "How do I attach Iron-On Stabilizer (Backing) to Fabric ?" .

  • The embroidery frame is not correctly attached to the carriage.
    Correctly attach the embroidery frame to the carriage. Make sure that the pins on the left and right arms of the embroidery frame holder securely fit into the holes in the handles on the embroidery frame.

    For details, see "How do I attach or remove the embroidery frame ?" .

  • The carriage or the embroidery frame is hitting objects.
    The pattern may become misaligned if the carriage or embroidery frame is hitting objects.
    Make sure that there are no objects within the operating field of the embroidery frame.
  • The fabric is caught or pinched.
    Stop the machine, and then correctly position the fabric
  • The carriage moved while removing embroidery frame.
    The pattern may become misaligned if the presser foot was hit or the carriage was moved while replacing bobbin thread, changing needle, or working near embroidery frame.
    Be careful when removing and reattaching the embroidery frame while replacing bobbin thread, changing needle, or working near embroidery frame.
    If the carriage is moved, turn the machine off, then on again. The correct frame position at the time that the machine was stopped is stored in the machine’s memory, and the embroidery frame is returned to the correct position.
  • The design was not digitized correctly.
    The design may need more pull compensation or underlay to accommodate stretchy or high-napped fabrics.


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