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Innov-is XJ1

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FAQs & Troubleshooting

Innov-is XJ1

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Date: 09/24/2019 ID: faqh00101468_000

The App shows the message "Connection to the machine failed. Please reestablish the connection between the device and the machine."

This message is displayed when the WLAN connection to the machine could not be established due to poor WLAN condition.

Check if the wireless connection from the smart device to the machine is working properly.


  • Make sure that the wireless connection function is enabled on the machine.
    Check the following FAQ and Manuals to enable the wireless connection.

    How to set up the wireless network connection with the wizard on the machine

    Go to the Manuals section

    Make sure the smart device's Wifi connection is enabled. And make sure if it connect with same network as machine.
    If the wireless connection is disconnected, connect again.

  • The wireless connection condition is poor.
    Bring the connected device and machine closer to the access point installation location.
    Try the communication in a place where there are few obstacles between the access point, the device and the machine.


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