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FAQs & Troubleshooting

Innov-is XJ1

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Date: 08/08/2019 ID: faqh00101458_000

Tutorial videos on how to use My Design Snap with the machine [Video instructions]

Let's take a look at how to use My Design Snap positioning application with the machine.

  • The movies are being streamed from YouTube. (Opening new window.)
  • The movies are the same as those built into the product.
  • Video contents may change without prior notice.

Click on the image to play the video instructions.

Settings (5-1)

Enabling a wireless network connection

Embroidery (3-5)

Using My Design Snap to position an embroidery design in Easy mode & Advanced mode

Embroidery (3-6)

Positioning using My Design Snap and an embroidery positioning sticker as reference point

My Design Center (4-1)

Creating a quilt with the stippling pattern around the embroidery pattern

My Design Center (4-2)

Drawing embroidery data on fabric

My Design Center (4-3)

Converting an image to embroidery data

My Design Center (4-4)

Converting a line drawing to embroidery data

My Design Center (4-5)

Converting an image on the smartphone to embroidery data


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