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Date: 02/03/2020 ID: faqh00100871_000

Notice of change of name and URL for ScanNCutCanvas

The name and URL for "ScanNCutCanvas" was changed to”CanvasWorkspace(Web)” <https://canvasworkspace.brother.com> .
User information registered in ScanNCutCanvas and the functions performed are inherited.
"ScanNCutCanvas" is described as "CanvasWorkspace(Web)" on this site.


And also, CanvasWorkspace was released as an application for creating and editing the data for Cutting machine in a more comfortable environment. Click here to download it .
For details of support OS, refer to Support OS Information for CanvasWorkspace.

Tablet users should continue using CanvasWorkspace(Web) <https://canvasworkspace.brother.com> .


For details on each feature, refer to What are the differences between "CanvasWorkspace(Web)" and "CanvasWorkspace"?



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