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Date: 07/31/2020 ID: faqh00101506_002

Tips for sewing leathers or vinyl fabrics.


When sewing fabrics that may stick to the presser foot, such as leather or vinyl fabrics, replace the presser foot with the walking foot* or non stick foot* .
(* Items sold separately, please contact your authorized Brother dealer.)

img01 (1) Leather


If the leather or vinyl fabric sticks to the flat bed attachment, sew with copy paper or tracing paper placed on top of the flat bed attachment so the fabric moves smoothly.
If the paper is positioned so that it does not cover the needle plate, the paper will not be sewn together with the fabric.

img02 (1) Copy paper or tracing paper
  • The walking foot can only be used with straight or zigzag stitch patterns. Do not sew reverse stitches with the walking foot.
  • When sewing with the walking foot, sew at a speed between slow and medium.
  • When using the walking foot, test sew on a scrap piece of leather or vinyl that is to be used in project to make sure foot does not leave any marks.

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