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Date: 01/27/2021 ID: faqh00100943_000

What file format can be used in CanvasWorkspace?


Files in the following formats can be used in CanvasWorkspace.

CWPRJ format
FCM format
SVG format
DXF format


CWPRJ format

Editing information for CanvasWorkspace is saved with this format.
This is the native format for CanvasWorkspace and is considered the working file.


FCM format

The machine can directly read data in this format.
The data is converted from cwprj format to fcm format when transfer data to the machine from CanvasWorkspace.


SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format

This is vector image data for two-dimensional graphics.


DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) format

This is vector image format used by CAD software.

  • DXF files up to Release 14 format can be imported.
  • You can import the DXF files by updating the software to version 2.5.0 or later.
    Click here to download the latest version of CanvasWorkspace.

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