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Date: 12/04/2018 ID: faqh00100208_004

How do I restart embroidering when the thread breaks or the bobbin thread runs out while embroidering?


If the thread breaks or the bobbin thread runs out while embroidering, the machine will automatically stop. Since some stitches may be sewn with only one thread, go back through the stitching to a point where stitches have already been sewn before continuing embroidering.

  • If the thread sensor is turned off, the machine does not stop until embroidering is finished. Normally, the thread sensor should be turned on.
  • Be careful when going back or forward through the stitching since the embroidery frame moves at the same time.

When the thread breaks or the bobbin thread runs out while embroidering, the spool stand LEDs flash to notify you of the problem.




If the upper thread breaks


  1. Re-thread the upper thread.

  2. Touch image .


    >> The stitch navigating screen appears.



  1. Touch image to check the needle drop point on the LCD screen.

    >> The camera view window appears.

    Touch  to zoom up the camera view twice the size of normal view.

  2. Touch image and image to go back through the stitching to a point where stitches have already been sewn.

    (1) Each touch of this key moves one stitch back through the stitching.

    (2) Each touch of this key moves ten stitches back through the stitching.

    As you move to the area where your design was last stitched, by touching the image or image , the embroidery frame will move, allowing you to place the cross mark directly on the last stitch shown.

    It is recommended to stitch over the top of the last two or three stitches for complete coverage.

    image (1) Stitch line
    (2) Cross mark

    If the needle bar is moved back too far through the stitching, touch image or image to go forward through the stitching.

    (1) Each touch of this key moves one stitch forward through the stitching.

    (2) Each touch of this key moves ten stitches forward through the stitching.

  3. Touch image.

  4. Touch  image.

    >> The embroidering screen appears again.

  5. Touch image , and then press the start/ stop button to continue embroidering.







If the bobbin thread breaks or runs out


  1. Touch image , and then press the thread trimming button.

    >> The upper thread is trimmed.

  2. Remove the stitches sewn only with the upper thread.
    Pull the trim end of the upper thread.


    If the stitches cannot be cleanly removed, trim the thread with scissors.


  3. If the bobbin thread ran out, replace the bobbin with a bobbin wound with bobbin thread.

    • If the hook cover can be opened, replace the bobbin without removing the embroidery frame from the machine.
    • If the machine bed is hidden, for example, with a bag-shaped piece of fabric, or if the hook cover cannot be opened, temporarily remove the embroidery frame. After replacing the bobbin, reattach the embroidery frame.

    If the embroidery frame is removed before embroidering of the pattern is finished, take caution, otherwise the pattern may become misaligned.

    • Do not apply extreme pressure to the framed fabric and cause it to become loose.
    • When removing and re-attaching the embroidery frame, do not allow the frame to hit the carriage or the presser foot. If the carriage is hit and moves, turn the machine off, then on again. The correct frame position at the time that the machine was stopped is stored in the machine’s memory, and the embroidery frame is returned to the correct position.
    • When the embroidery frame is re-attached, make sure that the pins on the left and right arms of the embroidery frame holder securely fit into the holes in the handles on the embroidery frame.


  4. Go back through the stitching in the same way as that described in step 2 of  “If the upper thread breaks”, and then continue embroidering.





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