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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Date: 11/03/2019 ID: faqh00101337_000

About the Roll Feeder

This FAQ is described the flow about how to use of the optional accessory “Roll Feeder Attachment”.
For details on each step, refer to the linked FAQs.



  1. Activate the roll feeder function on the CanvasWorkspace.

    Refer to How to Activate an Accessory Kit* (Rhinestone, Emboss Kit, etc.) for the Cutting Machine.

  2. Startup CanvasWorkspace to create the data for the roll feeder.
    The data for the roll feeder cannot be created on CanvasWorkspace(Web).
    Create the data on CanvasWorkspace.
    If the CanvasWorkspace is not installed on your computer, click here to download the application.


  3. Create the data.


    When the data is completed, send it to the cutting machine from the CanvasWorkspace.

    For details, refer to Instructions for Creating Roll Feeder Data with CanvasWorkspace and Sending It to the Cutting Machine.


  4. Install the roll feeder and rolled material onto the machine.

    For details, refer to How to Install the Roll Feeder.

  5. Retrieve the roll feeder data on the cutting machine and cut.

    For details, refer to Retrieving Roll Feeder Data On the Machine and Cutting.


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