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Date: 18/04/2018 ID: faqh00101022_000

How to sew reverse stitches or reinforcement stitches


Sewing reverse/reinforcement stitches

Reverse/reinforcement stitches are generally necessary at the beginning and end of sewing.
Depending on the selected stitch, reverse or reinforcement stitches are sewn while img01 (Reverse/Reinforcement stitch button) is kept pressed.
With reinforcement stitches, 3 to 5 stitches are sewn at the same place. With reverse stitches, the stitching is sewn in the opposite direction.


When any of the following stitches is selected, pressing  img02 (Reverse/Reinforcement stitch button) will sew reverse stitches.
No. 1-01 1-03 1-08
Stitch img03 img04 img05

When any other stitch is selected, pressing img06 (Reverse/Reinforcement stitch button) will sew reinforcement stitches.

(1) Reverse stitch

(2) Reinforcement stitch

(3) img08 (Reverse/Reinforcement stitch button)





Automatic reverse/reinforcement stitching

After selecting a stitch pattern, turn on the automatic reverse/reinforcement stitching function before sewing, and the machine will automatically sew reinforcement stitches (or reverse stitches, depending on the stitch pattern) at the beginning and end of sewing.



  1. Select a stitch.
    For details on selecting a stitch, refer to “Basic sewing“.


  2. Press img09  to set the automatic reverse/reinforcement stitching function.
    >> The key will display as img11 .



  3. Set the fabric in the start position and begin sewing.

    (1) Reverse stitches
    (or reinforcement stitches)

    >> The machine will automatically sew reverse stitches (or reinforcement stitches) and then continue sewing.


  4. Once you have reached the end of the stitching, press img13 (Reverse/Reinforcement stitch button).

    (1) Reverse stitches
    (or reinforcement stitches)

    >> The machine will sew reverse stitches (or reinforcement stitches) and stop.



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