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Date: 07/05/2015 ID: faqh00000438_004

How do I wind the bobbin? (For models equipped with the fast bobbin winding system)


(1) Bobbin-winding thread guide

(2) Bobbin winder shaft 

(3) Bobbin


  • Only use bobbins (part code: SA156, SFB) that have been designed for this sewing machine.
    Using other bobbins may cause damage to the machine.
  • We designed the bobbin that comes with this machine.
    If you use bobbins from other models, the machine will not work properly.
    Only use the bobbin that comes with this machine or bobbins of the same type (part code: SA156, SFB).

    (1) This model

    (2) Other models


  1. Place the bobbin on the bobbin winder shaft so that the spring on the shaft fits into the notch in the bobbin.

    (1) Notch

    (2) Bobbin winder shaft spring


  2. Slide the bobbin winder shaft to the right.



  3. As shown, press down on the spool pin lever with your finger.
    The spool pin swings up.




    Do not grab the bar to raise the spool pin, otherwise, the spool pin may bend or break.


  4. Remove the spool cap.

    (1) Spool pin 

    (2) Spool cap

    Be sure to raise the spool pin when winding the bobbin.
    The thread may become tangled if the bobbin winder is used without raising the spool pin.


  5. Fully insert the spool of thread for the bobbin onto the spool pin.
    Slide the spool onto the pin so that the spool is horizontal and the thread unwinds to the front at the bottom.




  6. Slide the spool cap onto the spool pin.
    With the slightly rounded side of the spool cap positioned toward the left, slide the spool cap onto the spool pin as far as possible to the right so that the spool is moved to the right end of the spool pin.


    • If the spool or the spool cap is not positioned correctly, the thread may become tangled around the spool pin or the machine may be damaged.
    • Three spool cap sizes are available, allowing you to choose a spool cap that best fits the size of spool being used.
      If the spool cap is too small for the spool being used, the thread may catch on the slit in the spool or the machine may be damaged.


    When sewing with fine, cross-wound thread, use the small spool cap, and leave a small space between the cap and the spool.


    (1) Spool cap (small)  

    (2) Spool (cross-wound thread)

    (3) Space


  7. While holding the spool with your right hand, and then pass the thread under the thread guide.

    (1) Thread guide


  8. Pass the thread under the thread guide cover from the back to the front.
    Hold the thread with your right hand so that there is no slack in the thread that is pulled out, and then pass the thread under the thread guide cover with your left hand.

    (1) Thread guide cover


  9. Pull the thread to the right, pass it under the hook of the bobbin-winding thread guide, and then wind the thread counterclockwise between the discs, pulling it in as far as possible.


    (1) Bobbin-winding thread guide


    Make sure that the thread passes under the pretension disk.



    (2) Hook
    (3) Pretension disk
    (4) Pull it in as far as possible.

    Make sure that the thread is pulled as far as possible into the pretension disk, otherwise the bobbin may not be wound cleanly.




  10. While holding the thread that wraps around the pre-tension disk with your left hand, use your right hand to wind the free end of the thread clockwise around the bobbin five or six times.




  11. Pull the thread to the right and pass it through the slit in the bobbin winder seat.
    The thread is cut to a suitable length.



    (1)  Slit in bobbin winder seat
    (with built-in cutter)

    Be sure to cut the thread as described.
    If the bobbin is wound without cutting the thread using the cutter built into the slit in the bobbin winder seat, the thread may become tangled in the bobbin or the needle may bend or break when the bobbin thread starts to run out.


  12. Slide the sewing speed controller to the right (to set the speed to fast).

  13. Turn on the sewing machine.




  14. Press the foot controller or press image (start/ stop button)  to start.
    image or image




    • If the sewing machine is to be operated using the foot controller, connect the foot controller before turning on the machine.
    • When the foot controller is plugged in, the start/stop button cannot be used to start sewing.
  15. When the bobbin begins spinning slowly, take your foot off the foot controller or press  image (start/stop button).


  16. Cut the thread, slide the bobbin winder shaft to the left, and then remove the bobbin from the shaft.



  17. Slide the sewing speed controller back to its original position.


    Not winding the bobbin properly may cause the thread tension to loosen, and may break the needle.


    • When the sewing machine is started or the handwheel is turned after winding the thread around the bobbin, the machine will make a clicking sound; this is not a malfunction.
    • The needle bar does not move when you slide the bobbin winding shaft to the right.


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