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Innov-is F420

FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Innov-is F420

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Date: 12/26/2016 ID: faqh00100072_002

How do I adjust the sensitivity of the operation keys?

The operation keys do not respond when you wear a glove, press with a fingernail or a non-electrostatic touch pen.

And also, you can adjust the sensitivity of the operation keys to five levels. Display the settings screen to set desired level.

(1) Operation keys


  1. Press image .


  2. Select image (Input Sensitivity) in the settings screen.


  3. Adjust the input sensitivity by pressing the image or image.
    The lower the setting, the less sensitive the keys will be; the higher the setting, the more sensitive the keys will be. The default setting is “3”.

    • We recommend selecting the highest setting if an electrostatic touch pen is being used.
    • While adjusting the input sensitivity, press any of the numeric keys to check the sensitivity. When the key responds, the setting value indicating the sensitivity blinks.


If the machine does not respond when an operation key is pressed

Turn machine off, then hold down  (Needle position button) and turn on the machine to reset the settings.
Display the settings screen, and then adjust the settings again.


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