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Date: 31/03/2020 ID: faqp00001372_004

Can I change the text settings line by line?

Yes. When a label consists of two or more lines of text, you can set different values of character attributes (font, size, width, style, line and alignment) for each line.

How to change the text setting line by line:

  1. Move the cursor to the line you wish to change the character attribute using the up arrow key or down arrow key key.

  2. Press the [Font] key (font key / font key ) while holding down the [Shift] key ( shift key / shift key ). Your current setting will appear on the display. Three black lines above "A" indicates that you are now applying the attribute for the specific line only.

  3. Select the character attribute you wish to change using the up arrow keyor down arrow key key, and then set a value for that attribute using the left arrow key or right arrow key key.

  4. Press the [OK] key ( ok key ) or [Enter] key ( enter key/ enter key ) to apply the change.

When attributes are set for each line, the value will be displayed as "*****" when you press the [Font] key ( font key / font key ) . If you change the text settings on this screen, it will apply to all lines on the label.

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