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Date: 20/12/2018 ID: faq00000095_033

Install the optional lower tray

Follow the steps below to install the optional lower tray:

This machine is heavy. To prevent possible injuries at least two people should lift the machine. Be careful not to pinch your fingers when you put the machine down. If you use a Lower Tray, carry it separately from your machine.


Carrying the machine


  1. Remove all the cables from the machine.

    Remove All Cables
  2. Together two people should lift the machine carefully and place it onto the lower tray unit, so that the alignment pins of the lower tray unit are inserted into the guide holes on the bottom of the machine as shown.

    Place Lower Tray

  3. Plug all the cables back into the machines then turn on the power switch.

    Plug All Cables
  4. Set the paper size and tray setting on the control panel of your machine.
    To set the paper size for the lower tray:
    1. Press Settings(Settings).
    2. Press TraySetting(Tray Setting).
    3. Press Paper Size.
    4. Press Tray #2.
    5. Choose the size of paper you loaded in the optional lower tray.
    6. Press Home(Home).
  5. Let your machine recognize the optional lower tray by following the steps applicable for your Operating System.

    Configure the printer driver to work with the lower tray.


    1. Open Printer Properties. (Click here to see how to open Printer Properties.)
    2. Choose the Device Settings tab and click Auto Detect. Once the lower tray and paper size have been detected, then click Apply.
      (Under certain conditions Auto Detect may not be available. If this situation occurs, you can manually add the lower tray. In Available Options select the Tray2, click Add and then Apply.)

      Auto Detect

    The printer driver is already configured for use with the lower tray. No additional steps are required.

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