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Innov-is VE2300

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Innov-is VE2300

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Date: 14/05/2015 ID: faqh00000629_000

How do I set the bobbin ?

  • Use a bobbin thread that has been correctly wound. Otherwise, the needle may break or the thread tension will be incorrect.

  • The included bobbin was designed specifically for this sewing machine. If bobbins from other models are used, the machine will not operate correctly. Use only the included bobbin or bobbins of the same type (part code: SA156, (SFB: XA5539-151)).


    (1) This model (2) Other models (3) 11.5 mm (approx. 7/16 inch)
  • Before inserting or changing the bobbin, be sure to press image in the LCD, otherwise injuries may occur if the “Start/Stop” button or any other button is pressed and the machine starts sewing.

Press image  →  image*  →  image  →  image  →  image  in this order to display a video example of the operation on the LCD. Follow the steps explained below to complete the operation.

* Except for embroidery machine.

  1. Press image
  2. Slide the bobbin cover latch to the right.The bobbin cover opens.


    (1) Bobbin cover (2) Latch
  3. Remove the bobbin cover.
  4. Insert the bobbin with your right hand so that the end of the thread is on the left, and then, after pulling the thread firmly around the tab with your left hand as shown, lightly pull the thread to guide it through the slit.


    (1) Tab

    Be sure to install the bobbin so that the thread unwinds in the correct direction, otherwise the thread may break or the thread tension will be incorrect.



    • Be sure to insert the bobbin correctly.
    • The order that the bobbin thread should be passed through the bobbin case is indicated by marks around the bobbin case. Be sure to thread the machine as indicated.



  5. While lightly holding down bobbin with your right hand as shown, guide the thread through the slit ((a) and (b)).

    At this time, check that the bobbin easily rotates counterclockwise.

    Then, pull the thread toward you to cut it with the cutter (c).


    (1) Slit (2) Cutter (Cut the thread with the cutter.)
  6. Make sure that the thread is correctly passed through the flat spring of the bobbin case. If it is not inserted correctly, reinstall the thread.

    (1) Flat spring (Tension spring)

    Be sure to hold down the bobbin with your finger and unwind the bobbin thread correctly. Otherwise, the thread may break or the thread tension will be incorrect.



  7. Insert the tab in the lower-left corner of the bobbin cover (1), and then lightly press down on the right side to close the cover (2).


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