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Innov-is 15P

FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Innov-is 15P

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Date: 22/04/2013 ID: faqh00000068_000

An "E6" message appears on the panel.

Probable Cause:

 The motor locked up because the thread is tangled.


 Remove the tangled thread before continuing the operation.

  Clean the bobbin case to remove the tangled thread.
  After cleaning the bobbin case, insert the bobbin case properly.
  If the needle is bent or broken, replace the needle.
  Then, thread the upper thread properly, and continue the operation.



Each time a key pressed or an incorrect operation is performed, a beep is sounded.

  • For a correct operation
    One beep is sounded.
  • If an incorrect operation is performed
    Two or four beeps are sounded.
  • If the machine locks up, for example, because the thread is tangled
    The sewing machine continues to beep for four seconds.
    The machine automatically stops.
    Be sure to check for the cause of the error, and correct it before continuing to sew.

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