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Date: 13/03/2023 ID: faq00100442_501

Save Scanned Documents on Your Computer


Use Brother iPrint&Scan to change scan settings, such as resolution, file size or scan type. Go to your model's Downloads page on the Brother Solutions Center at support.brother.com to download the latest application.
  1. Load your document.
  2. Press (Scan to PC) on the control panel.
    The machine starts scanning.


  • To change scan settings, such as resolution, file size or scan type, follow the steps below.
  • This procedure explains how to change the settings each time you scan documents. To use the same settings every time, change the settings using Remote Setup.
  1. Load your document.
  2. Press or to display [to PC], and press it.
  3. If multiple computers are connected to the machine, press or to display the destination computer you want to save to, and press it.
  4. To change the scan settings, press [Options]. Configure the following settings, and then press [OK]:
    • [Scan Settings]
    • [2-sided Scan]
    • [Scan Type]
    • [Resolution]
    • [File Type]
    • [Document Size]
    • [Skip Blank Page]
    • [Advanced Settings]
    • To configure other settings, press [Advanced Settings].
    • To save the settings as a shortcut, press [Save as Shortcut].
  5. Press [Start].
    The machine starts scanning.

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