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Innov-is F420

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Date: 03.04.2023 ID: faqh00100273_002

How do I adjust a stitch width or length?

This machine is preset with the default settings for the stitch width and stitch length for each stitch. Some models are also preset with the default settings for upper thread tension for each stitch.
However, you can change their settings or adjust them by following the procedure described in this section.

Stitch settings return to their defaults if they are changed, when the machine is turned off or a different stitch is selected before the stitch setting is saved, refer to Saving stitch settings.


Adjusting the stitch width

The stitch width (zigzag width) can be adjusted to make the stitch wider or narrower.



Each press of “-” makes the zigzag stitch narrower.



Each press of “+” makes the zigzag stitch wider.



  • Press  to return the setting to its default.

  • If the straight stitch or triple stretch stitch was selected, changing the stitch width changes the needle position. Increasing the width moves the needle to the right; reducing the width moves the needle to the left.

  •  means the setting cannot be adjusted.

After adjusting the stitch width, slowly turn the handwheel toward you (counterclockwise) and check that the needle does not touch the presser foot. If the needle hits the presser foot, the needle may bend or break.

Adjusting the stitch length

The stitch length can be adjusted to make the stitch coarser (longer) or finer (shorter).


Each press of  “-”  the stitch length finer (shorter).



Each press of  “+”  makes the stitch length coarser (longer).


  • Press  to return the setting to its default.

  •  means the setting cannot be adjusted.


Saving stitch settings

If you wish to save specific settings for a stitch so that they can be used later, press  after changing the settings to save the new settings with the selected stitch.
This feature can be used only with utility stitches.


To use a stitch length of 2.0 mm for the straight stitch


  1. Select a straight stitch.

  2. Set the stitch length to 2.0 mm.

  3. Press .
    To reset the selected stitch pattern back to its default settings, press  , and then press  .

    • The next time that the same straight stitch is selected, the stitch length is set to 2.0 mm.

    • Both of the stitch width (zigzag width) and stitch length are saved, not just the setting that was changed. With models equipped with the thread tension keys, the setting for upper thread tension is also saved, even if it was not changed. When the same stitch pattern is selected, the last settings saved are displayed even if the machine was turned off. If the settings are changed again, or if  is pressed to reset the setting to its default, the new settings are not saved unless  is pressed another time.

      Even if  is pressed, the settings for programmed thread cutting and automatic reverse/reinforcement stitching cannot be reset.



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