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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Date: 02/11/2020 ID: faqp00000475_000

A different IP address is assigned every time the product is booted.

There may be router or server with DHCP or RARP functions enabled on your network. Check the DHCP server to see if the following solves the problem.


  1. Assign an IP address to the product in an environment without a router or server using only a HUB.
    Know the range of IP addresses that your DHCP server assigns.
    Be sure to assign an IP address for the product from the DHCP assignable range, but with the address in the same segment.
    Disable DHCP/BOOTP/RARP protocols.
    Example: In the case where the DHCP server assigns a range between -, use any of the IP addresses between - for the product, such as

    • Do not assign a duplicate IP address for another device.
    • It is recommended not to use or, because the DHCP server may have this address.

  2. Register the IP address of the PS-9000 in the DHCP server
    Register the IP address of the product in the DHCP server.
    For detailed configuration, refer to the DHCP server manual.

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