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Date: 26/11/2020 ID: faqp00001433_005

Power Supply

You can use the AC adapter or optional rechargeable Li-ion Battery (PA-BT-4000LI).


<AC adapter>

The AC adapter is included in a package.


  1. Insert the plug on the AC adapter cord into the AC adapter socket marked DC IN 24 V on the printer.

  2. Insert the plug on the power supply cord into the AC adapter.
    connect AC adapter 1. AC adapter
    2. Power supply cord
    The printer's appearance may slightly differ from the illustrations depending on your machine model.

  3. Insert the power supply plug into a standard electrical socket.
    • Turn the printer off before disconnecting the AC adapter.
    • Do not pull or bend the AC adapter cord and power supply cord.
    • After the power supply plug is inserted into the electrical socket, it may take a few seconds until the Power button (Power) button is enabled.
    • To safeguard and backup the printer memory, when the power supply is unplugged it is recommended to have the rechargeable battery (PA-BT-4000LI) installed in the printer.


< Li-ion battery >

You must attach the optional battery base to the printer before installing the Li-ion battery.
For installing the battery base and Li-ion battery, see the FAQ: "How to install the rechargeable Li-ion battery (optional)".

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